Thursday, 2 March 2017

Role of ISO Consultancy in Training Your Employees To Become ISO Compliant

Training the employees of your company is a crucial aspect of ISO certification and thus should never be overlooked. Despite incredible results that your company is able to achieve, if it is not competent in terms of the workforce then it may not be able to acquire the prestigious certification. 

To make sure that this does not happen with you, you can consider hiring an ISO consultancy who will not only make the employees aware of the various processes involved to attain the certification, how it will benefit them and the organization and also trains them so that they are able to follow them regularly and successfully. 

When you are confused about which consultancy to choose and are not aware of various ISO policies, you can go for the basic training and then go for advanced one.  Find out whether your ISO 9001consultantISO 14001 consultants or OHSAS 18001 consultants is able to fulfill the same or not. The type of consultant you need depends on the type of certification your organization is aiming for.

Can the ISO training be customized?
Without doubt, every business or company is different. They have their own distinct management and working system designed for the growth of the enterprise. This is the reason why consultants customize the training plans suitably ensuring both management and the employees work hand-in-hand so as to become ISO compliant. The aim is to focus on various areas of the company and observe the improvement areas that need more focus from ISO audit’s perspective. Similarly, you will need to devote less time and effort on stronger areas.

What is an ISO consultant responsible for?
The ISO trainer is responsible for:
·       Defining the skill and level of competence required for every employee to meet the demands of their job.
·         Providing an evidence that the learning or training has taken place and
·         Maintaining the training records of the employees along with their skill, experience and education. 
Besides customizing the training structure, a reliable ISO consultant will also come up with invaluable resources and profound tools for the process like various software programs. These are to help employees follow the ISO processes diligently.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Understanding Safe Contractor Scheme and Role of a Consultant

Safe contractor is a revolutionary scheme, which certifies Safety, Health and Professional Procurement of companies who are willing to work in private and public sectors. This scheme was initially meant for property management and was designed for those firms who wanted to outsource work to contractors who were part of the approved list. But, soon in 1999 Supply Line came into existence and this revamped the entire concept leading to the formation of Safe Contractor accreditation from 2003.

Today almost any company in the UK, be it roof cleaning or asbestos removal can be part of it. The caliber of each contractor is examined individually, considering his professional capabilities, business size and the industry sector he is associated with. Presently, there are over 27,000 members who have been accredited by this organization along with 300 reputable clients and the number is growing. 

Why Safe Contractor Accreditation Matters For Your Company?

The safe contractor accreditation can be beneficial in not just one but many ways, such as
  • Proof of competence: When you are a service supplier or a contractor and aspire to demonstrate the safety and health standards you follow to your existing and new clients then being a part of this scheme will undoubtedly count. With this, you will no longer have to go through the hassle of any qualifying questionnaires.
  • Compliance with legislative demands: One point which safe contractor consultants often emphasis is that qualifying the criterion's set by the organization means that your company meets the legal safety and health requirements of the country. 
  • Visibility to other contractors: Another most important benefit is that it enhances your visibility and lets you have a competitive edge over others.
Achieving such a prestigious accreditation is not as easy as it may seem, and this is where approved contractor consultants or safe contractor consultants make their way. Known for their years of experience, competence and exceptional abilities, a consultant can guide firms on the general guidelines of this scheme in a much better way and even provide training.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Notable Advantages Of Using The Services Of ISO Consultancy

When an organisation receives the status of International Organisation for Standardisation, it means that this company is highly effective and skilful in its field of service.  Although it is not at all mandatory for any commercial company to receive an ISO status, an ISO consultancy is more depended upon by their clients. There are many benefits of hiring an ISO certified consultancy according to the services received by their clients. 

Benefits of having ISO certification for a consultancy

  • The organisation that has successfully completed all ISO processes can be believed in for having high standards and expectations.
  • An ISO certified organisation is more trustworthy than the other the consultancies due to the higher quality of their services.
  • Trade partners can have better confidence on these consultancies due to the expertise of the skilful ISO 9001 consultant.

Factors to be checked for being sure of competency for ISO certification
Be sure to check on these factors when choosing the right consultancy to work with you.

  • The valid registration of the consultant or the consultancy with any ISO recognised organisation.
  • The credentials and the references of the chosen consultants should be checked to be assured about their competence in their fields.
  • The training of the consultants needs to be checked to find out if they need any further training to complete their assigned jobs.
  • The consultancy needs to have professional indemnity insurance and it also should be financially stable, which can be checked through a proper credit check of the company.
  • The past records of the consultancy should be checked to be sure of their competence in their earlier services.
  • The experience level of the consultants should match the ISO standard to be declared as ISO 14001 consultants.
  • The fees charged by the consultancy or the consultants should be acceptable as per the quality of their services.